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WNY Frontline Heroes

The Healthcare Executive Forum (HEF) of Western New York would like to show our appreciation for the angels and heroes that have kept all of us in the WNY community safe through all their hard work during this pandemic. HEF is very proud to recognize and award the following amazing individuals as “WNY Frontline Heroes.”

Carol Czuprynski: The Calm in a COVID Storm

Carol Czuprynski, RN, BryLin Admissions Psychiatric Nurse

Carol Czuprynski, RN
BryLin Admissions Psychiatric Nurse

When first speaking with Carol Czuprynski, a registered psychiatric nurse on the Admissions team at BryLin Behavioral Health System, WNY’s premier place to help patients facing mental health challenges, one gets the feeling that this she is a master of staying calm in the storm that COVID has kicked up. She seems to have seen everything. You just know that next to nothing phases her or keeps her from helping those most in need of emotional comfort. Having served at BryLin initially as Charge Nurse in the adult unit, prior to moving to the Admissions department for almost 14 years as the main day shift admissions nurse triaging new patients, Carol seems to be that kind of person mentioned when people use terms like ‘bedrock of the organization.’ When discussing how to initially care for patients in various states of mental distress, Carol makes it sound easy saying, “I try to get them in, I request help if needed, and if I can’t get them the help they need here, I arrange to send them on to one of our partners.” Read full story…



Jessica Bauer Walker: The COVID Super Organizer

Jessica Bauer-Walker, BA, CHW, Executive Director of the Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo

Jessica Bauer-Walker, BA, CHW
Executive Director of the Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo

“WNY is a tight knit community and despite the issues, in a crisis people come together,” says Jessica Bauer Walker. A force of an individual, Jessica seems to pop-up everywhere throughout Western New York, appearing on TV, social media, or behind a food kitchen table—wherever and whenever there are people facing healthcare challenges, or just the challenges of daily survival. It is easy to compare her to a modern-day superhero, swooping in to truly save lives when people need help the most. As the Executive Director of CoNECT (Community Network for Engagement, Connection and Transformation- formerly and still including the Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo) , and with numerous other titles that reflect the myriad projects with which she is involved, it quickly becomes apparent how lucky we are to have Jessica watching over our community, energetically organizing and fighting for those that sometimes need help fighting for themselves.

“I am a community health worker and organizer first and foremost! I appreciate the opportunity to be an organizer on a much higher level with many partners and all the projects I am working on now, but my background and passion is being on the front lines,” says Jessica. Read full story…


Jillianna Wasiura: It May Be About Team, But It’s Also About Individual Heroes

Jillianna Wasiura, RN, BSN, CIC, Roswell Park Senior Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator

Jillianna Wasiura, RN, BSN, CIC
Roswell Park Senior Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator

“What a heavy burden for everyone,” Jillianna declared when asked just how much the pandemic is impacting everything in her life. Throughout our heart-warming conversation highlighting her amazing work in setting the tone for all Western New York health facilities facing the nearly unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, Jillianna kept repeating one word, “team.”

The team is led by an Infection Disease Physician, who is the Medical Director for the Infection Prevention and Control department and Jillianna, as the Senior Infection Control Coordinator supervises two other Infection Control Coordinators.

Jillianna aids with department operations consisting of creation, workflow, and implementation of policy and protocols related to Infection Prevention and Control. She works in a hospital packed with patients facing the most difficult of situations, and the most special of needs, a human being can face.  Read full story…


Kim Winde: More Than a Triage Nurse

Kim Winde, RN, BryLin Director of Admissions

Kim Winde, RN
BryLin Director of Admissions

“We are really full-on triage nurses,” explains Kim Winde, sharing that after years as Admissions Director dealing with the already difficult task of figuring out how best to admit patients in distress ‘by phone’ to Western New York’s top mental health facility, BryLin Behavioral Health System, that she now also has to ascertain if they also pose a COVID risk.

“We need to do a quick, but thorough, phone triage to see if they can safely come here on their own, often involving crisis services when they can’t—posing additional risks to others during the pandemic,” says Kim.

At a time when events like those in Rochester, NY and across the country are sparking a national debate on how best to handle those facing various states of mental challenges, especially during COVID, Kim Winde and her team are at the funnel’s end, taking in patients from all over WNY facing a broad array of mental health issues. Read full story…


NOMINATE A WNY HEALTHCARE HERO! Help HEF nominate a person or group of people to be highlighted by us as a front line heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please nominate someone you believe is making a difference in our community, either on the front lines or behind the scenes, that deserves this recognition. This person does not need be an ACHE member.

To nominate a hero, fill out our brief online form here: WNY Front Line Hero Nomination Form

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